COLOURS Alliance partner meeting at Kristianstad University in Sweden

Under the motto “Laying the foundation for COLOURS”, representatives of nine partner institutions of the COLOURS Alliance met in mid-September 2023 to jointly plan the next steps for a successful start as a European Universities Alliance in early 2024. In addition to administrative issues and current developments discussed at the meeting in Sweden, the participants continued to work on five key work packages. The development of new, attractive physical and virtual mobility offers and the design of joint study offers are just two examples of the activities planned for the future. In addition, students are to play a particularly strong role in the development of the offers in order to actively shape the idea of an inter-European campus.

COLOURS Alliance partner meeting at Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, Poland

In November 2023, an important meeting was organised at JDU European University, uniting the project team of the COLOURS Alliance and its associated partners. The primary purpose of this gathering was to apprise the associated partners of the project’s overarching goals. The meeting encompassed a comprehensive agenda, starting with a brief overview of the European Universities Alliance COLOURS, followed by updates on the latest developments in the project. Each partner institution shared insights into their current advancements. Additionally, a crucial component of the meeting involved the introduction to the group working sessions, where collaborative efforts and strategies were discussed in detail. The associated partners play a crucial role as collaborators within regional innovation ecosystems, where they will integrate open innovation, challenge-based learning, and impact-oriented research with the specific smart specialisations of their respective regions. This intentional collaboration seeks to cultivate a unified approach in advancing education, research and innovation under the umbrella of the COLOURS Alliance framework.

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