Welcome to the COLOURS Alliance community! As we take our first steps into a new era of collaboration, this webpage offers a sneak peek into the unfolding story of our Erasmus+ funded European network. Bringing together nine prestigious universities, the COLOURS Alliance is set to paint a rich tapestry of experiences, innovations, and collaborative achievements in education, research, and cultural exchange. Explore this preview as we gear up for the exciting initiatives ahead. Stay tuned for updates on our evolving journey!

9 European universities
126 000 students
12 300 staff members
55 associated partners

Prepare for a series of upcoming activities and their corresponding outcomes. Here’s a preview of what’s on the horizon.

CoLab Innovation Processes – Brace yourself for 63 CoLab innovation processes. These aren’t just any processes; they’ll actively engage more than 3,000 students and stakeholders. We’re talking about a tidal wave of creative energy and groundbreaking ideas.

CoSpaces – We are also physically creating meeting-points of all the stakeholders across the multiple helices of co-creation, from Academia, Businesses, Civil society, Governmental institutions, Other alliances, International organizations, Citizens and all stakeholders.

Student Hackathons – We’re hosting 27 student Hackathons that are all about fostering co-creation. These events are where innovation and collaboration converge, and they’ll ignite a spark in our students like never before.

IMAGINE Events and Open Internship Projects – We’re weaving challenge-based research and education into existing curricula through 10 IMAGINE events and 90 open internship projects. Prepare for a dynamic fusion of learning and real-world problem-solving.

Challenge-Based Seminars – We’ve got 27 challenge-based seminars on the horizon. These seminars offer multidisciplinary learning experiences for all students, encouraging them to explore beyond their comfort zones.

Double Degree Programmes and Joint Degrees – Expect at least 10 double degree programmes and 3 joint degrees. These will open doors to new horizons and international collaborations.

Microcredentials – We are working towards the new era of microcredentials recognised and offered from the ecosystem of the COLOURS alliance co-creators.

Field Studies and Summer Schools
We’ve got 36 field studies and 8 summer schools lined up, designed to take learning beyond the classroom and into the real world.

Digital CoHubs – Get ready for a digital CoHub that will significantly expand the spectrum of education and learning within and beyond our Alliance. It’s a game-changer.

Multilingual Events – With 70,000 students and staff participating in multilingual events, our community is set to become even more diverse and vibrant.

Challenge-Based School Sessions – These 36 challenge-based school sessions will involve more than 1,000 eager learners, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Public Engagement Events – To top it all off, we’re organising 108 public engagement events that will reach over 1,5 million citizens. We’re taking our mission to the heart of the community.

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Associated partners

COLOURS Kick-off from Paderborn to all across Europe

Kick-off-Meeting COLOURS European University Alliance, Paderborn, Germany

In a vibrant display of unity and collaboration, the COLOURS European University Alliance convened its inaugural Kick-off Meeting from 17th to 19th of March 2024, heralding a new era of inclusivity and innovation in European higher education. Hosted in the picturesque city of Paderborn, Germany, this landmark event brought together a diverse array of stakeholders from esteemed institutions across the continent, each committed to shaping a brighter future for education.
The meeting witnessed a gathering of minds from renowned institutions, including Paderborn University (Germany),Le Mans University (France), University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain), University of Ferrara (Italy), Kristianstad University (Sweden), Jan Dlugosz University (Poland), Josip Juraj Strossmayer University Osijek (Croatia), University St Kliment Ohridski Bitola (North Macedonia), Ventspils University of Applied Sciences (Latvia). Distinguished guests Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson‐von Trotha (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Sophie Latraverse (the European Network of Legal Experts), and Prof. Dr. Geert Poels (Ghent University) graced the occasion.

Engaging Programme
The event unfolded with a dynamic agenda designed to foster collaboration and innovation. Work Package presentations provided insights into the Alliance’s operational framework, while meetings of individual boards facilitated focused discussions and strategic planning.
The Festive Kick-off Event, held on Monday, March 18th, was a tremendous success. The gathering was welcomed by Prof. Birgitt Riegraf, the President of Paderborn University. Esteemed speakers and panelists from across Europe convened to discuss the transformative role of the COLOURS European University Alliance. Highlights included engaging panel discussions on accelerating transformation in European universities and driving change in regional innovation ecosystems. Notable speakers included eight rectors and vice-rectors of the COLOURS Alliance. The event also emphasized the importance of student involvement, with student representatives contributing to discussions on expectations and challenges within the Alliance. The evening concluded with a keynote address by Julia Désirée Eisentraut, Member of the State Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia, and a rousing polyphonic singing performance, “We Are the COLOURS!”, symbolising the launch of the Alliance.
Overall, the event set an inspiring tone for our collaborative journey, reaffirming our commitment to fostering inclusivity, innovation, and positive change in European higher education through the COLOURS European University Alliance.

Cultural Showcase
Amidst the discussions on academic collaboration, participants had the opportunity to showcase the rich cultural tapestry of their respective institutions at the COLOURS Market Square. Here, COLOURS members exhibited their diversity through presentations of traditional cuisine, customs, and cultural artifacts, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and celebration of differences. The COLOURS Market Square served as a vibrant hub where the COLOURful community shared its unique identities, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation among participants.

Empowering Change
As the meeting drew to a close, participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to driving positive change in European higher education. The COLOURS European University Alliance emerged as a catalyst for transformation, harnessing the collective strength of its diverse membership to address regional disparities and promote inclusive excellence. Through collaborative efforts and shared values, the Alliance aims to empower individuals, foster innovation, and shape a more inclusive educational landscape for generations to come.

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